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What We Do

We leverage our Microsoft Power BI skills and use proven approaches to create value from data through data analytics.
Let our experienced and growing team of data scientists, business analysts, developers and professionals help your maximize your data to gain insights and drive action to improve business processes, save time and ultimately increase revenue 

Data Driven Decisions

Power BI Solutions that produce effective results

The strong management of your company depends on your ability to access the information you need when you need it.  For that information to be effective it must be in a format that allows you to quickly digest and empowers you to act fast through data driven decisions.  Our stunning Power BI reports and dashboards do exactly just that.

Meet The Management Team

Juan Kotzee

Managing Director & Founder
Leading a highly skilled team of technological experts at Drivatic. Juan previously spent several years in the mining and managerial finance industry. Passionate about leading and mentoring high performance teams. Juan has a bachelor degree & Honours in Financial Accounting and master degree in SA tax and International taxation

Jacques Pistorius

Head of Analytics
Passionate about training and analytics, his expertise lies in architecting solutions for complex business problems. Through his proclivity for thoroughly solving problems and with his knowledge of machine learning and analytics, he has an extensive knowledge of everything. Jacques has a bachelor degree in Science, Maths and Physics

Janes Visagie

Head of Business Apps
He has a strong ethos around putting customer first, uncompromisingly high quality service and innovation. Very good understanding of the technical, DAX design and applications. He has an extensive experience in IT and coding and solid experience in management

How we work

Our Proven Process, Produces Results

Our System


Meeting & Planning

We specialize in customizations, It is important to constantly go back to the drawing board to make sure that your content is as easy and self explanatory as possible



Execution on the perfect plan put in place is what we strive to do, we work quickly to make sure that you can benefit from Drivatic as soon as possible



To bring out the all perfect product is always wishful thinking, and we make sure that we test it 1st before you get your hands on it. Nothing more frustrating than waiting just to get a report that doesn’t work as well as it should.



The Delivery step is what comes after all the previous steps are done and redone to make sure we deliver the exact report you wanted to see. It is not about what we can show, it is about what you want to see.

What We Offer as a Service

Data Analytics as a Service

No one has the time to learn Power BI or any BI solution program, and no one wants to spend the money on licenses to run this program, especially when you do not use all the features it offers. Let us carry that weight, we own the license to provide you the service, and we possess the skills for the maximum capacity of Power BI. By using our analytics as a service program, we carry all that responsibility to make sure you get what you ask for.

Power BI Cloud Platform as a Service

As a Company who specializes in Microsoft Power BI, we have designed a cloud platform on top of Power BI to ensure that your data is always up to date and easily accessible anywhere at anytime, all the time on your phone, tablet, laptop and personal computer.

Business Apps

Apps are completely taking over our every day lives, whether it is fitness, diet, what to watch, what to wear and the list goes on. What if you could have an app designed for your own business? A business app that completely changes the way your business operates through functionality, accessible information, manage your stock and back stock where you stand, Information about your clients, your employees, tracking of sales or distribution. We as a company bring you that information at the tip of your fingers through our Business Apps.

Apply Data Driven Decisions
To Your Business

This is a proven concept that works across the globe. This is the future of business, and this is the direction the world is moving towards. The only question you need to ask yourself is this, will you allow yourself to be always one step behind, or will you move forward with the world and adapt to the rapid changes of technology for easier, faster and more comfortable access to ground breaking information to your own business.

Some of our Client's Testimonials

Mitford Mundell

CEO at Theta Gold
Mike Stuart Drivatic

For more than thirty years I experienced the painstaking management time that had to be spent on assembling and correcting management information in Excel, followed by more painstaking attempts to make the numbers look good in multi-slide PowerPoint presentations. Mostly, after all the effort to develop these reports, there remained gaps between what was presented and what was required by the receiver and presenter, both in terms of relevance and accuracy. To make things worse, so much wasted time was spent in opinion-based meetings, resulting in gut-feel decisions, influenced by the loudest voices or biggest egos, which all translated in hit-&-miss, trial-&-error actions. So much time and effort, that could and should have been spent on more value-adding work. Decisions based on relevant, up to date information often seemed like an unattainable dream.

What a change it was, sometime during 2017, when Robert (our CFO) started working with Juan (the creator of DRIVATIC). Having seen many fads and promises of silver bullets in my career, I must admit that I was a bit sceptical at first. It didn’t take long for me to realize that DRIVATIC was the solution I’ve been searching for throughout my career

We now have all our business numbers in one platform, organised in a way that presents clear and interactive views of all the relevant information, prioritised around our biggest business drivers. I cannot imagine anymore to go back to the days of relying solely on Excel and PowerPoint. Every meeting, whether it is a functional review, business planning session, or projects steer-com, revolves around the facts and interactive graphical representations that was brought to life by DRIVATIC.

Our fact-based and value-driver driven decisions and actions of the past year have already resulted in huge improvements, resulting in our best bottom-line year ever. I can now only imagine, with the facts in hand and illuminated, what we can still do in future. I will never again do it without the help of DRIVATIC.


CEO of Namakwa Diamonds
Robert Cowley Drivatic

As the person shareholders look at to provide answers in terms of information and performance, I equipped myself over the past 20 years in the Mining industry with a toolset to have relevant information ready in time. Faced with shareholders in a private company who are resourced with skilled analytics, deep knowledge of the operations and an endless need for more

In DRIVATIC I found the one tool, which I have never experienced in my career that provides you with state-of-the-art visual presentation and the ability to analyze each detailed part of this picture right here, now with the click of a button! My function and my

Immediately the much-needed cross-functional understanding was enabled.

All stakeholders can now focus on facts, rather than speculation.

Two of the most important issues facing businesses today are resolved, fact-based information and the time people have available to address what these facts indicate.

Your data should tell you a story about your business

Data at your fingertips

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