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Key Benefits

Smarter Decision Making

Accurate decisions rely on having access to critical data, and understanding this data allows companies to make decisions faster and more efficiently. When data is readily available, people can make informed decisions, which is why analytics should be available across the business, and not just at the higher levels.

Better Insights

Using visual data makes it easier to distinguish clear trends. It makes businesses more agile, helps them understand what is really happening in the market, and provides them with the opportunity to react to these events faster and with more accuracy.

Improve Efficiency

The ability to gather large amounts of data, make sense of it, and present it in a way that is meaningful, is becoming a business imperative. Analytics enables a culture of efficiency where everyone can share in the decision-making process.

Stay Up-to-Date

Modern consumerism means that customer bases make decisions more quickly than before, and are more easily swayed by the available information. Analytics can provide better insights into how customers behave, and why they behave the way they do. It allows businesses to be proactive rather than reactive, better serving the changing needs of their customers, and allowing time for developing innovative solutions.

All your Data, Wherever it is

Excel spreadsheets, cloud services, streaming data, Sql, ERP Systems and on-premises databases — no matter where your data lives or what form it’s in, you get a holistic view of the key metrics for your business.

Spend your Time doing more Valuable things

Transforming data into a cohesive story drains time, resources, and sanity. Improve efficiency and save time with an automated version of the current processes used in your company.

Allign Data with Company Values

When values can be quantified and expressed in a tangible way through data analytics, they become strategic tools for differentiation.

The Gateway to Informed Decisions

See your company’s data in new ways that deliver insights with our cloud Power BI platform. Connect multiple data sources, simplify data prep and drive Ad hoc analysis. Go from data to insights to action: any data, any way, anywhere and all in one view

Power BI Solution Showcase

Here are some of our Power BI solutions we have built for our clients

Sales Analytics

Drivatic’s sales analysis is used to help implement various strategies and tactics for optimal organisational performance. In some cases, analysis reveals declining demand or performance of certain products.Recognizing sales trends early to improve sales revenue and margins. Compare sales against time periods, product , customer. Sales reps , targets, budgets…

Customer Analytics

Customer insights solution has been designed to answer questions such as:
Who are my top customers? What is my gross profit by customer over item and time period? How many new customers do you have? How many customers were lost or did not buy from you in the last 6 months?

Product Analytics

Product insights solution has been designed to answer questions such as:
What is my top selling products? What is my gross profit by product over item and time period? How much sales are coming from my top 70% or bottom 10% of my products?
Which product group is performing best or worst over time?

Mining Analytics

Safety, Production, Diesel, Time attentance, Utilisation, Downtime, Plant, Management packs, Financial analytics in the mining industry.  

We provide our customers with a powered business intelligence-integrated solution. The application thereof forms a strategic part of the success of a prospective, competitive company.

Financial Analytics

Financial analysis can be denoted as the process of conceptualising the profitability and risk of a company by analysing financial data, especially profit and loss and balance sheet reports. The data gives you an intuitive insight into how the company conducts business and helps determines a company’s health and stability.

HR Analytics

The importance of understanding the well-being and professional skills development of employees is key to the success of any organisation. This Power BI Human Resource Solution focuses on finding patterns and trends in employee sick leave and professional skills development – to quickly inform management plans and strategies

Inventory Analytics

Do you have clarity on how much money is trapped in your business in the form of slow moving stock? This robust interactive Inventory Analysis Solution provides clarity on stock quantity, movement and cost. Gain rapid insights into inventory turnover, outstanding orders and purchases, allowing you to ensure optimal efficiency and stock levels. Our inventory aging report provides clarity on your aging stock balance and the resulting cost over overtime

Scenario Analysis

Power BI is an amazing tool if you want to predict what may happen in the future or alternatively see what could have happened in the past based on certain variables changing in your data. There are many different variables that could determine your ultimate results or performance. These may include changes in demand, price, import costs, and exchange rates. These are all variables that could change and that’s where this Multi-Layered approach comes in. It enables you to solve for all of these adjustments and scenarios that could play out in the future.

maps with power bi

Map Analytics

Put your data in context with interactive maps. Using geographic mapping, you immediately orient your audience to the information and unlock answers to different spatial questions. You might wonder, does a product category in my business outperform others in a territory

What we Do

We create useful and accessible reports and dashboards to help you make better data driven decisions

power bi solutions

Business Analytics

Business Apps

Drivatic offers Data Analytics as a service. We leverage our Microsoft Power BI skills and use proven approaches to create value from data through data analytics.  
Let our experienced and growing team of data scientists, business analysts, developers and professionals help you maximize your data to gain insights and drive action to improve business processes, save time and ultimately increase revenue.

Business Intelligence is the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of your raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. BI technologies are capable of handling large amounts of unstructured data to help identify, develop and create new strategic business opportunities for your organization. The goal of BI is to easily interpret large volumes of data.

Data science combines computer science, modelling, statistics, analytics and mathematics to automatically analyze massive amounts of data.

Data analytics is the process of examining your large data sets to draw conclusions about your business.

Data + Automation + Science = Better Business Decisions
More specifically… you’ll make faster, better, more informed business decisions, backed by data.

No matter what you call it- “data analytics”, “data science”, “big data”, “data mining”, “business intelligence”, or any other “industry term”.

Having a well-designed Business Intelligence solution presents a very streamlined way for you to access your company data. BI allows you to consolidate data from multiple sources to ease the process of transforming data into information.

One way we help is by creating a data warehouse to consolidate all of your information into a single set of tables, allowing for a structured and analytic solution that makes sense for your organisation. Once effectively deployed throughout your organisation, a BI solution will ensure that everyone in your organisation is looking at the same information, which is now coming from the same place.

What some of Our Clients Say
Immediately the much-needed cross-functional understanding was enabled. All stakeholders can now focus on facts, rather than speculation. Two of the most important issues facing businesses today are resolved, fact-based information and the time people have available to address what these facts indicate.
CEO - Mining
What some of Our Clients Say
In DRIVATIC I found the one tool, which I have never experienced in my career that provides you with state-of-the-art visual presentation and the ability to analyze each detailed part of this picture right here, now with the click of a button! My function and my world were turned around… No more waiting for information for hours, weeks or even longer.
COO - Mining
What some of Our Clients Say
We now have all our business numbers in one platform, organised in a way that presents clear and interactive views of all the relevant information, prioritised around our biggest business drivers. I cannot imagine anymore to go back to the days of relying solely on Excel and PowerPoint. Every meeting, whether it is a functional review, business planning session, or projects steer-com, revolves around the facts and interactive graphical representations that was brought to life by DRIVATIC.
CFO - Mining
What some of Our Clients Say
Our fact-based and value-driver driven decisions and actions of the past year have already resulted in huge improvements, resulting in our best bottom-line year ever. I can now only imagine, with the facts in hand and illuminated, what we can still do in future. I will never again do it without the help of DRIVATIC.
Finance Manager - Manufacturing
What some of Our Clients Say
What a change it was, sometime during 2017, when our CFO started working with Juan (the creator of DRIVATIC). Having seen many fads and promises of silver bullets in my career, I must admit that I was a bit sceptical at first. It didn’t take long for me to realize that DRIVATIC was the solution I’ve been searching for throughout my career
Managing Director - Mining
What some of Our Clients Say
We started with a mini project, a single dashboard, and kept adding to it. Looking back, operations have never been so efficient. Drivatic has a deep knowledge of Microsoft Power BI and understands our business processes, and the reporting tools speak for themselves!
Sales Director - Retail & Consumer

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