The success of your business depends on making the correct operational decisions,
as quickly as possible, based on most accurate information.
We bring you simple, accessible, flexible and customised ways to process your business intelligence
to help you make better decisions.
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What We Do

We leverage our Microsoft Power BI skills and use proven approaches to create value from data through data analytics.

Every senior business manager needs to make frequent important decisions based on complex information.   At Drivatic, an experienced team of data scientists and business analysts takes that complex information, from multiple sources, and integrates it into sets of easy-to-understand, up-to-date, real-time diagrams, maps and charts.  This is information at your fingertips –   when you need it – in formats like flowcharts, maps and diagrams that you can understand at a glance.

Using the Microsoft Power Business Intelligence (BI) platform as a base, we have built a powerful set of  visualization tools that we customise for each business.  The information will be accurate, reliable, accessible, comprehensive and interactive.  This makes it easier to take better decisions and make them faster, improving business operations and ultimately saving time and money.

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Data Analytics Explained
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All business executives depend on comprehensive, accurate and timely information.  In the past, this would have taken the form of spreadsheets, reports, discussions, charts and manuals.  It would be the job of the executive to access this information through reports, spreadsheets and meetings.  They would need to absorb and analyse this information, and contextualise it in terms of business objectives.  Based on this information, the executive then makes decisions on issues as varied as sales, operations, staff, health and safety, production, wages, marketing and communication.

Data analytics is simply the process of allowing a powerful computer programme to absorb, curate, analyse and contextualise this information for you, and present it on demand.  It can take the form of a map, a sales chart, a production schedule, a prediction of maintenance requirements, a risk analysis, a staff management or accounting system.  The magic of data analysis is that it can present different scenarios instantaneously, and can even visualise future projections.  The executive not only gets the information they need in order to make decisions, they can also see the possible outcomes of their decisions.

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Meet The Management Team

We are a team of expert and experienced data analysts and computer scientists, and we believe that better information management can improve any business operation. We know that data analysis can be complex and time-consuming, so we do the heavy lifting for you. We automate the collection, analysis and presentation of your vital and sensitive business intelligence so that you can make smarter, faster and more effective decisions.

Our Proven Process, Produces Results

January 2016
Meeting & Planning | We specialise in customisations because we want you to have the mot intuitive, easiest and most relevant access to your own information. So it is important to liaise closely and get constant feedback to make sure your content is as self-explanatory and accessible as you want it.
April 2017
Execute | Fast execution is crucial so that you can see the Drivatic benefits as soon as possible. We work quickly but accurately for fast results.
June 2018
Testing | It would be unrealistic to expect perfect results without exhaustive trialing and testing. We make sure that the product you eventually get, works perfectly. First time and every time.
July 2019
Delivery | Our success depends on delivering the final product as fast as possible. But we also need to balance this with making sure we have checked and tested each step. It is not about what we can show, it is about what you want to see.


The future of all modern business and commerce depends on the quality and accessibility of appropriate business intelligence – and how it gets used. If you have not yet considered adapting to the rapid changes in information technology, you are in danger of falling behind. We can help with advising you on all aspects of data analysis. Watch this video to see how Drivatic can adapt your business to the Information Age.

Our services

We use a tried and trusted platform

We use the well-known Microsoft Power BI platform as our base. On top of this platform we build your customised business analytical model. This frees you from the time, costs and responsibility of paying licence fees, learning how to use data-analytic programmes, capturing data, processing your business intelligence and keeping up to date with this constantly-changing field. We do all the hard work at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. And because this is our one job, we stay on top of it, with maximum benefit and cost-efficiency to yourself.



We make it easy and accessible

We are licenced to operate the Microsoft BI platform, which means that you have access to one of the world’s top data-analytic services without having to pay hefty licence fees. On top of this, we have designed a cloud platform that we customise for your business. So your data is always up to date and easily accessible at any time on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.



You can run your business from your phone

Apps have taken over our lives, making every facet easy and convenient – from lifestyle and entertainment to education and service. And now: apps for business. Drivatic can design business apps for you so that you can control every aspect of your enterprise, no matter how complex or multi-faceted, from your phone.
We also design apps for data input, making it easy for your workforce to add their information to your data sets.
Running your multi-million-rand business can be as easy as ordering pizza!
Information about your clients, your employees, working hours, machines, wages, tracking of operations, sales, distribution and prices can be accessed, on your phone or laptop, from anywhere and at any time.


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