Make decisions based on continuous, real-time, powerful insights.

Drivatic empowers organisations to make effective, fact-based decisions that guide business optimisation actions and avoid costly mistakes. Take your meetings to a new level by having all the facts and analyses at your fingertips. Talk facts, enabled by the Drivatic non-opinionated, single-version-of-the-truth platform. Save time by having to-the-point discussions about what really matters.

Our solution applies to all industries. If you have data, you need Drivatic.

Meet Juan Kotzee,

Drivatic’s Founder & Managing Director


I used to be involved in finance, where reporting was a big part of what I did. Through researching the capabilities of Excel and VBA, I discovered I could automate a lot of my work.  But as I consulted with clients, I saw how seldom companies were using these sophisticated computer tools to their best advantage, and I saw immense inefficiencies in how data was gathered, curated, explored, analysed, presented and consumed.  I was frustrated to see how much time was wasted purely on reporting historical data.

Excel into PowerPoint

Days were spent on the grind of working in Excel and transferring this to PowerPoint, in order to produce a static document which most people would just glance at.  Then doing it again and again and again, week after week,  month after month, quarter after quarter.  And this seemed to be the norm.

I started researching data analytics and cloud computing, and I realised that I could automate all the work I used to do manually.  What’s more – I could instantaneously change the schematics, diagrams, presentations and charts to immediately present a compelling picture of the company, even with ‘what-if’ scenarios built in.

I was amazed and excited by the power of data analytics to collate, curate, store and present information, customisable for any entity.  So I started Drivatic, and every day I get more excited by the possibilities offered by information analytics and the use of data as a strategic asset in decision-making.


Starting Drivatic

Most companies use some sort of Microsoft toolsets to run their business (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, CorelDraw).  However, data analytics is not their core focus so they don’t have the capacity to keep up with rapid changes and improvements.

This is what Drivatic does – analytics is our core business.  By providing sophisticated and comprehensive reports and analysis specifically for your company, your time can be better spent on problem-solving, planning and implementation.

We chose an eagle for our company logo, because of its extraordinary eyesight and radar system that detects even the faintest trace of information and processes it instantly in order to make life-changing decisions.  That is exactly what Drivatic sets out to do!

We exist to help you master your business.  We will bring together all your information, your historical data, your current data and future projected data.  We link this information from detached systems and spreadsheets.  And then, through computing technology, we give you a full picture in the sharpest detail so that you – just like the eagle – can get a bird’s-eye view of your business.


How We Work

Our experts approach every new hurdle as a challenge to implement what they know and, even more so, to broaden their knowledge beyond expectations. They are trained to help Drivatic’s customers further understand their data and in doing so, improve the security of the businesses when surfing the net.

We will review your data queries, showcase our problem-solving skills, enhance your security system and help your company achieve the next phase of success.