Mitford Mundell


For more than thirty years I experienced the painstaking management time that had to be spent on assembling and correcting management information in Excel, followed by more painstaking attempts to make the numbers look good in multi-slide PowerPoint presentations. Mostly, after all the effort to develop these reports, there remained gaps between what was presented and what was required by the receiver and presenter, both in terms of relevance and accuracy.

To make things worse, so much wasted time was spent in opinion-based meetings, resulting in gut-feel decisions, influenced by the loudest voices or biggest egos, which all translated in hit-&-miss, trial-&-error actions. So much time and effort, that could and should have been spent on more value-adding work. Decisions based on relevant, up to date information often seemed like an unattainable dream.

Why We Started Using Drivatic

What a change it was when Robert (our CFO) started working with Juan (the creator of Drivatic). Having seen many fads and promises of silver bullets in my career, I must admit that I was a bit sceptical at first. It didn’t take long for me to realise that Drivatic was the solution I’ve been searching for throughout my career.

The Benefits of Using Drivatic

We now have all our business numbers in one platform, organised in a way that presents clear and interactive views of all the relevant information, prioritised around our biggest business drivers. I cannot imagine going back to the days of relying solely on Excel and PowerPoint. Every meeting, whether it is a functional review, business planning session, or projects steer-com, revolves around the facts and interactive graphical representations that were brought to life by Drivatic.

Our fact-based and value-driver driven decisions and actions of the past year have already resulted in huge improvements, resulting in our best bottom-line year ever. I can now only imagine, with the facts in hand and illuminated, what we can still do in future. I will never again do it without the help of DRIVATIC.