Business Apps
Digital Transformation Within Reach

Your legacy systems are costing you…more than you might think. You’re busy managing technical debt when you want to be achieving digital transformation. By optimizing and automating business processes, you’ll look and act bigger through peak performance.

Using Microsoft Power Platform, Drivatic builds easy-to-use business apps that bring enterprise-level capabilities to your organization. After all, you’re not just here to play in the game—you’re here to win it.

We Automate, Digitize, and Optimize Your Business Processes

You know you need to achieve digital transformation…at this point, it’s a question of how. Speed and scale are critical for any growth-minded organization. The technology choices you make should support your overarching business goals and be easy for your team to navigate.

There’s a lot of hype around the low-code no-code movement for a reason. Low-code platforms like Power Platform are an affordable and agile solution that brings enterprise-ready enablement to all businesses (regardless of size).

Business Apps That Help You Get More Done

Who doesn’t want to get things done? Oftentimes the very technology teams adopt to improve efficiency actually end up holding them back. Or, everyone sticks to a certain way of doing things within legacy systems—and the organization misses the opportunity to transform.

At Drivatic, we make sure your team is using the most relevant, leading-edge business apps for solving challenging processes. You’ll feel comfortable using the business applications we build and focus on knocking out tasks and goals.

Power BI

Power BI

Gain real-time insights from data to create dynamic visualizations and customized reports on your desktop or mobile device.

Power Apps

Power Apps

Your no-code low-code playground where citizen developers can build interconnected business apps to drive productivity.

Power Automate

Power Automate

Automate workflows and save resources through RPA (Robotic Process Automation), triggers, alerts, and templates—no coding required.

Custom Software for Your Unique Needs

In terms of technology and business complexity, your organization functions like most organizations…in a constant state of flux. Off-the-shelf software has its time and place, but sometimes you need a solution with more elegance and power.

Drivatic’s custom software development services have your unique needs covered. No matter how disjointed your systems and processes are at this particular moment, we build custom software solutions that make business operations cohesive and efficient.

Improve Efficiency with Custom Software Solutions

When processes and technologies are outdated, your team notices…and so do your clients. Drivatic accelerates the delivery of a critical line of business custom applications with high-touch and complete transparency. We are avid practitioners of Agile methodologies to keep you apprised of status and budget along the full lifecycle.

Using only the latest technology, Drivatic custom software solutions are accessible at any time, from any device, to support your team on the go. With a tailored development approach to your data and analytics needs, you’ll improve efficiency for the long-haul.