Drivatic Showcase

Sales Analytics

Drivatic’s sales analysis is used to help implement various strategies and tactics for optimal organisational performance.  Drivatic’s sales analysis is used to help implement various strategies and tactics for optimal organisational performance. Compare sales againts time periods, product , customer. Sales reps , targets, budgets…

 In some cases, analysis reveals a declining demand and performance issues of relevant products, which offers impetus to discount prices and the clearing out of inventory. 

Customer and Product Analytics

Who are my top customers? What is my top selling products? What is my gross profit by product/customer over item and time period? How many new customers do you have? This is just some of the question we answer with this solution

An analysis is also a vital element on new products and/services, to track whether results remain on track to achieve targeted goals. Recognizing a slow pace early on allows us the time to communicate with and train sales-personnel to improve sales efforts early, as opposed to waiting until after the target is missed.

HR Analytics

The importance of understanding the well-being and professional skills development of employees is key to the success of any organisation. This Power BI Human Resource Solution focuses on finding patterns and trends in employee sick leave and professional skills development – to quickly inform management plans and strategies

Inventory Analytics

Do you have clarity on how much money is trapped in your business in the form of slow moving stock? This robust interactive Inventory Analysis Solution provides clarity on stock quantity, movement and cost. Gain rapid insights into inventory turnover, outstanding orders and purchases, allowing you to ensure optimal efficiency and stock levels. Our inventory aging report provides clarity on your aging stock balance and the resulting cost over overtime.

Financial Analytics

Financial analysis can be denoted as the process of conceptualising the profitability and risk of a company by analysing financial data, especially profit and loss and balance sheet reports. The data gives you an intuitive insight into how the company conducts business and helps determines a company’s health and stability.

Essentially, financial analysis is a quantifying process for defining the past, current, and potential performance of a company.

Mining Analytics

Safety, Production, Diesel, Time attentance, Utilisation, Downtime, Plant, Management packs, Financial analytics in the mining industry.  

We provide our customers with a powered business intelligence-integrated solution. The application thereof forms a strategic part of the success of a prospective, competitive company.

Scenario Analysis with Power BI

Scenario Analysis

Power BI is an amazing tool if you want to predict what may happen in the future or alternatively see what could have happened in the past based on certain variables changing in your data.

There are many different variables that could determine your ultimate results or performance. These may include changes in demand, price, import costs, and exchange rates. These are all variables that could change and that’s where this Multi-Layered approach comes in. It enables you to solve for all of these adjustments and scenarios that could play out in the future.