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We provide our customers with a powered business intelligence-integrated solution. The application thereof forms a strategic part of the success of a prospective, competitive company.

With data warehouses forming a crucial part of access control and one of the most lucrative components in BI application, we can assure our customers that our solutions altogether, will protect their company’s sensitive data.

Diesel Analytics

Drivatic presents our customers with a comprehensive solution for proper access control.

Tailor-made Solutions:

  • Safety
  • Production
  • Recoveries
  • Engineering
  • Plant
  • Revenue
  • Security

Safety Analytics

Production and HR Analytics

In our experience as part of a leading provider of data analysis to the mining industry, we’ve seen an abundant volume of complex datasets generates by equipment, geologists and engineers on site.

Ironically, this industry is sitting on a goldmine of data to harness and ensure stable growth for all mining ventures. It has become the gamechanger in how mining companies improve operational efficiencies, from automation and real-time planning to the management of on-site workforces and to regulate health and safety on a proactive basis to adhere to strict compliance.

The idea is to improve processes and reduce operational costs and losses. Find faster ways to analyse the concentration of best components, ore extraction and processing, which are all agile processes at an operational level. Improve the logistics side of a critical role in mining, which is transportation. Identify areas of inefficiency so your company can strategise quick enough for a vast improvement on the next day.

data analytics in the mining industry South Africa

Recoveries & Utilisation Analytics

Opencast Block Analytics