sales analysis

Drivatic’s sales analysis is used to help implement various strategies and tactics for optimal organisational performance.

In some cases, analysis reveals a declining demand and performance issues of relevant products, which offers impetus to discount prices and the clearing out of inventory.

An analysis is also a vital element on new products and/services, to track whether results remain on track to achieve targeted goals. Recognizing a slow pace early on allows us the time to communicate with and train sales-personnel to improve sales efforts early, as opposed to waiting until after the target is missed.

A Sales Analysis Solution designed to answer questions such as the following:

  • How are my product sales performing, compared to the predetermined targets?
  • How are my sales thriving this year compared to the sales of previous years?
  • What is the quantity of sales that are coming from each store, product category, or item?
  • Which of my sales people’s performance is the best and worst?
  • How much sales are coming from the top 70%, or the bottom 10%, of my products/ customers?
  • Who are my top 10 customers?
  • What is my top 10 selling products?
  • What is my gross profit by product category, item, or time period?

The Drivatic team has the experience and skills required, to help you gain the insights needed to manage your organisations’ sales effectively. 

We make use of our multidisciplinary skilled team, to model our customers’ data with the intention of transforming raw, organisational information into an interactive compelling data-timeline that presents you with a smart decision-making process.

We design your reports to ensure you have the flexibility to obtain a 360-degree view of your business and ask specific-related questions that are in accordance with your data. 

Our team is focused on working closely with your organisation to design and develop sales reports and dashboards that fits your unique situation and organisational challenges.